May 13, 2010

cosplay weapons - Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku keyblade

Have you made your own cosplay weapons like sword or blade? Today, we will show you another amazing cosplay weapon -Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku keyblade from our lovely orgXIIIorg .

So let's check the character in game first :

Most people think the cosplay weapons or props will be made by wood ,but trust me, foam ,Wonderflex or Styrene will work best for you. For this keyblade, orgXIIIorg use foam ,pvc, fabric and other little accessories .

Let's talk some details :

1. materials : foam ,pvc, fabric
2. draw the blade craft in foam and PVC
3. cute shap and rounded. (Thanx to foam , you can make this process more easily)
4. paint your keyblade handly.
5. add some little acessories like chain and fabrics.

Then , plz check this fantastic Kingdom Hearts 2 Riku keyblade cosplay details photos below :

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