May 16, 2010

The easiest way to make a Naruto forehead guard

we have post many articles in cosplayclasses , but our webhost get some issues, and we can not get our data back ,especially the post photos. so we will try our best to recover our articles here , and we will continue to post many classic cosplay tutorials here fron now on.

Today, we will show you how to make a nice Naruto forehead guard yourself :)

To start with, let’s take a look at the materials.

then the following procedure:

1. use your blade or sharp equipment to slot a hatch on the surface of pop can near one end

2.cut of the upper and bottom surface of can with your scissor

3.cut vertical opening on the bottomless can, so it becomes to be a unfolded metal slice

4. turn the inside out, and draw a rectangle with width 5.5 centimeter and length 12.5 centimeter with mark pen

5.then draw a curve on each corner of it

6.cut the drawing off the can slice on a prepared paper board, and draw a similar shape on the board.

8.cut the drawing off too

9. fully cover double-sided adhesive on one of the paper slice

10. adhere the paper with the metal slice

11. then, mark 3 point on the left and right margins on the can slice

12. spear the 6 points with 6 tucks, then the center of the forehead guard is done

13. draw the icon of ninja village you’re about to make. (PS: do not copy the instructions, you can choose any icon you like)

14. cut off the icon

15. stick the icon on the forehead guard with double-sided adhesive

16. color the margin of paper board with silver hue and brush

17. scissor the cyan cloth in rectangle with width 17 centimeters and length 78 centimeters, then fold the cloth in width

18.cut off a triangle shape on the two end of cloth

19. cover the adverse side of forehead guard with double-sided adhesive

20. unfold the cloth, stick the forehead guard in the center of it

21. cover one side of a paper board with double-sided adhesive

22. stick the paper board in step 21 on the adverse side of the cloth, when you’ve done, the cloth should be nipped in two paper.

23. cover the other side of paper board just adhered with double-sided adhesive

24. fold the upper and bottom margins of cloth towards the adhesive fa├žade

25. reverse the triangle part of an end

26. sew the corresponding margin of the triangle with needle and tread

27. sew the fold line in all margins, in the reverse side, use adhesive to stick the cloth on the material

28. then you’ve done the gorgeous Naruto forehead guard.

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